A Magento Agency Since 2009…

Coming from a ‘bespoke’ content management background, the introduction of Magento both intrigued and inspired the founders of Magneto to start building ecommerce websites that were fit for purpose and delivered a manageable framework. Since 2009 the Magneto team have become true advocates and pioneers of everything Magento, designing and building websites for all types of online business.

Working in both Magento 1 and 2, Community and Enterprise edition, Magneto now work with business throughout the UK, Europe and the US. A passionate team, we love helping clients to make there ideas a reality and delivering tangible results.

Together We Are Magneto

We set out to become experts in Magento that offer impartial advice and not only design & deliver amazing websites but support the journey for our clients.

Today we are collective of 23 great people, all passionate about Magento and with offices in Leeds and London we work with amazing clients, love the websites we create and continue to evolve with Magento each and every month.

We are Magneto and we’d love to meet you and share how we can help with your Magento needs.

Our Partners