Peerless Support Services

We Are Magneto offer peerless Magento support, this means we’re there when you need us. We offer flexible support options, both pay-as-you-go and contract, access to everyone in our team and we roll over un-used time (up to six months).

Whether it’s an emergency or planned work, We Are Magneto will deliver for your needs.

24/7, 365 Days A Year

Your website never closes, therefore you need a Magento support team that’s readily available when you need them. Introducing We Are Magneto’s 360 support, put simply this means we there for every need on your ecommerce site, whether it’s an emergency or planned preparation for Black Friday, we’ll be on-hand.

Magento Hosting

We Are Magneto partner with Amazon Web Services to deliver enterprise level hosting, back-up and support. Our dedicated Magento platform has been built to offer speed, scalability and un-rivalled security.

Need help with your hosting, we’ve worked with all the biggest and some of the smallest. Tell us what you require and we’ll provide the solutions.