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Many people use Magento as a way of creating an online store and ensuring that their business has a good presence online. Unfortunately, not all Magento users are aware of some of the things that they can implement to improve the customer experience. This is why we have put together 5 very useful Magento tips to help you improve your store. Keep reading to find out more.

Multiple Languages

One of our first Magento tips involves offering your site in multiple languages. This means that your customers who come from different countries can still use your e-commerce site. This will help to improve your customer base and you’ll be able to target a wider range of people. With Magento, it is really easy to implement this feature. All you need to do is use an extension or put some time into creating content based on your products in different languages.

Customer Scheduled Deliveries

If you sell something online, then it is likely that your customers are going to be receiving deliveries from your store. To improve the customer experience, you can add a feature that will allow your customers to schedule their own deliveries. This is easy to do, and it will work using the data that your user enters about when they want the product to be delivered.

Customising Products Online

One of our next Magento tips works well for those stores that offer non-branded products and could be open to allowing customers to customise products. This will help to add to the number of products that you sell, and it will give your customers a better choice. Consider this option carefully if you want to sell more products and improve your customer’s experience.

Be Mobile-Optimised

There is absolutely no point in having an e-commerce site these days if it is not optimised for mobile use. It is a fact that people like to shop on their mobile phones or tablets and if they cannot access your site with ease, they’ll choose another site in a heartbeat. Make sure that you take some time to move your site about and test it extensively on mobile devices. If you want to go one step further, then you could offer an app for your store.

Limiting File Sizes

Of course, your Magento e-commerce site is going to look better if the customers can actually see what your selling but images with high file sizes will crash your site. You need to put measures in place that allows your file sizes to be limited in order to keep your site operating properly and ensure that it loads quickly. To solve this problem, you could put a certain number of products in a file and then use this to upload products sequentially. If you are going to use this method, you should make sure that you double check all of your products after every upload to ensure sure that they are in the right place.