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The world of ecommerce is very big and complicated. Companies are constantly trying to improve their sites in order to improve the experience for their customers. This is how ecommerce trends start to develop and more sites start using the same ideas. There are loads of different ecommerce trends that work really well in targeting consumers. Here, we’ll talk you through some of these ecommerce trends so make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


The first trend is arguably one of the most important when it comes to ecommerce and turning people into consumers. Personalisation involves collecting data about a customer, their spending habits and the products that they like to buy frequently. Sites can then use this information to change the way that the site is presented to them. This includes adding things like suggested products, wish lists and many other features. The whole experience is better for the customer as they don’t need to look at things that are not relevant to them.

Speed and Mobile Access

The world is changing and as technology advances, less people are willing to sit down at a desktop computer – they want to use their phones. The thing about having a mobile site is that people use their phones for many different things. This means that if your site is acting slow or takes too many steps, your customers might get distracted by a notification or switch apps and never come back to their cart on your Magento store. This is why one of the ecommerce trends that is picking up involves reducing the number of clicks that it takes to buy something on a store. This means that a transaction can go through quicker and carts won’t be abandoned. Speed and mobile access are very important and if your site doesn’t have either of these then you need to rethink your site.


The final ecommerce trend that we’d like to talk you through is the use of chatbots by ecommerce sites. These bots are great because they can talk to customers, show them different options of products and encourage them to make the final purchase. This is similar to personal shopping in a department store, except you don’t need to pay someone to talk to the customer and make the sale. Chatbots are very popular right now and they are working well for the companies that are using them on their stores. What is great about chatbots is that they can adapt to the style of language that the consumer uses. This makes the whole experience a lot more personal and improves it for the customer.

Final Verdict

Ecommerce trends are always going to appear as technology advances and more things become available. We become consumers through using these sites and making purchases. Things like personalisation, chatbots and speedy access on your mobile can make a huge difference to your online shopping experience.