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Do you own a Magento ecommerce store and are having some issues with its speed? Some Magento ecommerce store users may also notice poor visibility in Google SERPs has led to fewer conversions. Well, luckily for you there is now an easy way in which you can solve this problem and it is by using Google AMP technology.

It was launched in 2015 and is designed to create lightweight pages. This means that your static content can load almost instantly! AMP was first used and trialled with other web content such as news, blogs and articles, however, it can now be used with the Magento store! If your website is quite slow, Magento is absolutely the solution and is sure to help you also increase those conversion rates!

The Relationship Between AMP and Magento

A conversion on a site is simply the general term used to describe a visitor completing a goal on your site. The conversion rate is this divided by site traffic. If you want to improve your conversion rate, you will need to ensure that your site is mobile optimised, it ranks well for SEO and that your page content loads up extremely fast. Each of these points can be easily achieved when you install AMP into your Magneto store. You can expect to have your average page load time reduced to less than half a second. Plus, it will also load 7x faster than average! This all leads to better conversion rates on your site.

Why Install It to Magento?

There is a tonne of advantages to installing AMP technology on your Magento store. Firstly, AMP automatically creates lightweight pages and provides simple HTML structure, allowing for fast page load speed. Furthermore, when you use Google’s AMP technology, you will find your store content at the top of searches on mobile. Finally, when you Magento store becomes top rated on Google, this then means huge rises in conversion rates!

What Features Can I Expect?

AMP provides you with lots of awesome features to help improve your ecommerce store! You will receive built in support of Google Analytics and this allows you to easily track the customer activity on your website. AMP also helps your customers buy products best suited to them with added functions such as ‘Add to Compare’ buttons. With AMP you can use the video widget application which allows you to easily add Youtube videos on to product pages. Lots of users also love with AMP that you can change the currency and language, making it more convenient for you to purchase items. Finally, the recently viewed products section is a great way for customers to compare products and go back to earlier choices. This will then lead to more sales!

AMP is an extremely popular tool, so don’t let your website be left behind on Google! Install it today and let us know what you think.