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If you want to improve the conversion rates of your ecommerce business, then you need to think carefully about the focus that you are putting on your SEO. Having customers visit your site is very important and without SEO, it can be very difficult to increase your sales. If you want to double your ecommerce conversion rates, take at the SEO best practices below.

Permanent 301 Redirect

One of the first SEO best practices that we’d like to take you through is adding a permanent 301 redirect to your pages. You’ll want to use this SEO practice in order to let the search engines know that you have a redirect in place. By adding this redirect, you can transfer all of your previous page rankings and information to the new page and remove the possibility of a 404 error appearing. If you want to get this right, you should use your expired product URL to link to another similar product in order to avoid a 404 error coming up. This way, you can ensure that your customers continue viewing your site and you can double your ecommerce conversion rates.

Unique Title Tags

Another one of the SEO best practices that you should use is to incorporate unique title tags when it comes to your product pages. If you want to locate the title tags that your pages have, you can press CTRL and U at the same time when on that particular page. Make sure to make your title tags unique but at the same time include the phrases that your customers are going to type into Google. Place the keywords or phrase at the start and stick to a 70 characters max.

Adding Rich Snippets using Schema Markup

If you want to make your products more visible, you’ll need to use rich snippet which can help to give your customers the details that they need. Although your rich snippets will not increase your ranking in terms of SERPs, your content will still be displayed more accurately, and you are likely to get a higher conversion rate. Optimise your pages to make sure that Google knows what they contain in order to present this information to your customers properly.

Your Mobile Ranking

If you want to take advantage of SEO best practices, then you need to consider the mobile version of your ecommerce site. Google now indexes the information that your mobile site contains, and it is ranked differently than your desktop would be. This means that you need to make sure that your site fits on a mobile device screen, doesn’t contain flash and that links are far enough away from each other that they can be clicked without a mouse.

Keywords on Category Pages

You’ll want your categories to appear first in google searches, so you need to make sure that you adjust the keywords to ensure that your pages are not conflicting with each other, bringing the ranking down. Tweak your keywords properly and you should be able to get a handle on this relatively easily.