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Magento is one of the most powerful resources for building a successful e-commerce website for your business. With its free Community version, plus its paid for Enterprise edition, there are a host of functions available to everyone; and once you really understand the framework the options are practically limitless to what can be achieved.

To help you navigate around this vast online world, there is a huge online support network for the Community edition, plus of course Enterprise comes with full support from the Magento team.

However, ambitious PHP Developers who are looking to learn or enhance their Magento development skills can now take one of a variety of Magento development courses. Whether they want to learn the basics, improve their skills, or actually become officially qualified in the fields of all that Magento has to offer, there are courses and online resources to suit.

A Magento Certified qualification will show clients you have reached a professional level of ability with the platform, and have passed a rigorous test. The tests are created by an advisory board of experts from the global Magento ecosystem to fully vet and allow you to demonstrate your capability. Clients can check your qualification is valid online, whilst the skills you have learned and shown will enable you to be sure you are meeting your client’s needs according to best practices.

It couldn’t be more convenient to learn, as you can learn anywhere, anytime with on demand online video courses. There are also online instructor-led courses, enabling you to remain productive at the office while enhancing your Magento skills. Delivered through easy to use online training web-conferencing, instructor-led online courses enable students to interact real-time with the instructor. Alternatively there is a more traditional structured classroom led option. Take advantage of focused, uninterrupted time learning Magento in a classroom setting at a training location near you. Engage with other students and learn from their experiences.

There are four levels of qualification available;

Becoming a Magento Certified Solution Specialist which shows you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Magento’s functionality to ecommerce business goals.

A Magento Certified Front End Developer has demonstrated an understanding of Magento’s theming components and the ability to modify the user interface.

A Magento Certified Developer, or Developer Plus has passed an exam, allowing them to use the valued Magento Certified Developer credential in marketing their services.

A Magento Certified Developer has achieved the qualification for Magento Community; they can skillfully use all business processes in Magento, such as structure of catalog, indexes, promotions, price generation logic, architecture of checkout, payment/shipment methods, sales/order processing advanced core knowledge (forms/grids full functionality), API, widgets, and more. They can also make design decisions on the code level, including how to parse data files, steps of import, data verification, logging and so on.

A Developer Plus has passed an even tougher exam that includes all the knowledge of a developer, plus skillful use of Magento Enterprise Edition and has delved into details of the structure of Magento that many have not often explored, but which can give someone an advantage when implementing a site using Magento.

Whether you choose to get qualified or merely brush up on your skills, improving your level of ability with Magento will ensure you get as much out of it as possible, which will be passed on to your clients, users and customers.