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With Google’s mobile first index being rolled out, making any website mobile responsive in this day and age, never mind an ecommerce website. Responsive design has dominated 2018, and we have listed the reasons why below. First, we thought we’d focus on what responsive design is. Effectively, it’s ensuring that your website does the job on all devices whether it be desktop, a smartphone or a tablet. This tends to be much more challenging on ecommerce stores, when there is lots more going on. Responsive design ensures that there is a streamlined shopping experience in place, and that you don’t need to create a separate site for desktop and mobile.

Planning for your Responsive Store

There is so much competition in the online store industry these days, there is a lot of planning that’s required. Make sure you set a deadline as an integral part of the process. It should be realistic and take into account any unforeseen issues that may arise during the development.

It Creates a Great User Experience

Most people have their smartphone glued to them these days, and they use it to do a lot of online shopping. For the ultimate convenience factor, they want things to be accessible 24/7. If your website is responsive, then you can make sure they look forward to a great user experience when they get to your site.

Flexibility with Store Management

If you have created 2 versions of your online store (one for mobile, and one for desktop) – then this means you need to invest twice as much time and money. By making your site mobile responsive, it means you only need to manage one version of your site.

Improve your Reputation

If you offer up a website that’s mobile responsive, then you will already be a cut above the rest of your competitors. This will mean that there will be more business created from word of mouth marketing too. This means that you can range a whole range of potential customers that you may not have been able to before.

Fewer Development Costs

There is a lot of maintenance required when it comes to developing an ecommerce website, so the cost of having to develop 2 of these when it’s not necessary, makes no sense. Ensuring your website is mobile responsive is a way to cut costs in the long-term.

Increased Conversion Rates

This is probably the most important part of responsive design. When people do land on your website – the likelihood of them converting if you are responsive is much higher. If they can view things easily, and get around the site without any hassle, they are much more likely to get to the checkout. Hopefully now you will understand the benefits of a fully responsive e-commerce store and make any necessary changes that will boost your conversion rate.